Milan King and Queen

Top Clubs in Milan


The MACAO workmanship venture started in the year 2012 with the control of a high rise in downtown Milan. After different experiences, its organizers moved to an old slaughterhouse in the city’s eastern rural areas to keep promoting underground culture and political support.


Dude Club Milano 7

Dude is most likely the best club in the city for electronic music. Consistently the best Italian and European DJs play the best tunes until the beginning of the day to a group of people of clubbers dependent on celebrating.

Tunnel Club 11

There was a period, in the mid-’90s, in which the underground scene in Milan had a snapshot of grand vivacity. The Tunnel, among other recorded clubs, similar to Plastic or Atomic Bar, has altogether added to renew the Milan underground scene with a progression of amazing live shows and DJ sets.

Magazzini Generali 5

The opening of this club in an old warehouse center complex in the year 1995 denoted the start of another period for Milan’s nightlife scene. Other than its best quality music program including the live show), Magazzini Generali was the first club to offer a blend of excitement and underground culture.

La Balera dell’Ortica 10

Housed in an old railroad station, this is one of the coolest places around the local area. It’s prevalent with a wide range of people, from students who love the Southern Italian solace nourishment and neighborhood trendy people to pensioners who like to meet here for a series of bocce and a round of cards. It’s a multipurpose place that ensures a fun night out.

Leoncavallo 29

The citizens of Milan are partitioned in their opinions about Leoncavallo for those individuals who cherish it think of it as an image of opposition, the people who abhor it think of it as an image of wilderness and abuse of power. The reality remains that since its inception in the year 1975, it has been a milestone of the city’s underground culture.



BIKO is an original space with a “spirit dark ‘n funk” heart. Earlier situated in the Isola region, it presently has another home in the mainstream Navigli region with a lot bigger stage. It was one of the primary places in Milan to embrace the Arci card entrance plot (a participation card that gives you the access to numerous clubs in the city).

Rock’n’Roll Milano 6

Rock ‘n’ Roll Milano is an eatery, bar and live music setting open six evenings per week. It has been a most loved neighborhood joint among rock ‘n’ roll fans and celebrities for a long time.

Ragoo 5

Ragoo is an unusual club where you can appreciate the best daiquiris in Milan and entertaining until the early hours. It’s a basic and unassuming spot that draws in various crowds of various ages and styles