Best Places to Visit in Milan

Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie

Despite the fact that the outside of this church is not so renowned, regardless it has a specific appeal and effortlessness – Created in the year 1497, the church includes a Gothic style utilizing red blocks and a vast back basilica. This cathedral can be found on the Corso Magenta and sits at the contrary side of Milan to the Duomo. Inside the building lies one of the best creative, artful masterpieces on the planet – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. It is hailed as a sublime bit of fine art; this painting shows the scene of the Last Supper as depicted in the Bible. During the time this bit of fine art has been investigated and examined for its hidden implications and contents.

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Walking into this gallery would make you think that you had walked into a shopping mall. Confused as people might be due to the non-compliance of culture and tradition, people quickly realize why this gallery is the way it is. This is what the Galleria is – An extremely extravagant indoor shopping area. Constructed in the year 1877, the Galleria is standing as the oldest shopping malls in the world and was designed by Guiseppe Mengoni. The cross-shaped mall is covered via four glass paneled arms that let in the sunlight perfectly, while the walls and shop fronts have ornate paneling and stucco artwork. Designer shops line the mall, and you will find such names as Prada, Versace  – don’t go bargaining, look somewhere else.

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral is a monumental building and is renowned for its design and took control 600 years to finish. Situated in the center of Milan and named as Piazza del Duomo, the house of prayer was developed in the year 1386 however it is not formally finished until the year 1965. With an Italian Gothic style, the front façade of the church is heavenly and is delegated with innumerable towers, statues, and decoration. The inside is similarly as enriching and highlights some of the delightful stained glass windows overflowing with colors; besides in the middle of the segments, there is a fantastic presentation of work of art and some finely detailed statues.

Milan Cathedral

Castello Sforzesco

This 15th-century castle has a centrally located in Milan and is set in extensive grounds and gardens. It was Created in 1370, the original design has been dramatized and added too much but still keeps its elegance and status. At the front of the castle stands a brick wall lined with battlements and frame by a guard tower. As you walk through the courtyard, you will notice the guard towers and the sheer size of the castle. Aside from the castle itself, there is a host of small museums and collections that contain exciting artifacts and historical information about the castle and Milan.